A Librarian is to Read . 1988.ISBN #0-88925-877-5
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As soon as I started to work in a public library, I knew there was a story there. It was exhilarating, sitting at the desk, not knowing what you were going to be asked next. For people come into a public library, not just to pass the time of day, but to find out the meaning of life. For, though their questions may seem bizarre, ludicrous, or uninformed, they are not to the people who ask them. For them, they represent the key to the universe, and, in the answers they recieve and in the offbeat "research" they do, they hope to fulfill some longed-for dream, sustain some cherished illusion, or cope with the precarious reality in which they live.

But, because there is often a discrepancy between the questions they ask, and the reality of things as they are, these questions often reveal a rich, unconscious vein of humour. So, this book is essentially a book of library humour - about funny questions people ask and the equally funny people who answer them, who have obsessions of their own.